The Revolution at The Shack Revolution

The Revolution at The Shack Revolution

In late 2023, we were commissioned to install radio microphones at The Shack Revolution, an industrial-style wedding venue in Hereford renowned for its versatility in hosting various events. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive AV system tailored to the venue's diverse requirements, we embarked on a journey to transform its audio visual setup.

Upon arrival, we encountered underlying issues within the existing setup that were causing operational challenges for the venue's staff. Through thorough consultation and meticulous fine-tuning, we leveraged our expertise to craft a sleek and powerful audio visual system that would seamlessly facilitate events.

For optimal zone control, we opted for the Allen and Heath AHM series, a compact yet robust system that enabled us to develop a custom app-based user interface. This bespoke interface empowered the venue's team to manage inputs, outputs, and zones effortlessly, catering to the venue's size and adaptability.

We delineated six distinct zones within the venue, granting the staff granular control over volume levels and audio mixes via intuitive interfaces accessible from smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, by integrating service reminders into the custom UIs, we provided the management team with a proactive tool to stay abreast of maintenance schedules and service intervals.

To complement the AHM system, we installed a Studio Master amplifier, strategically positioned to power different areas of the venue. Utilizing 1U and 2U vented rack panels, we safeguarded the amplifiers from unauthorized adjustments while ensuring optimal ventilation to prevent overheating.

To streamline organization and enhance aesthetics, we introduced a server rack solution. This meticulously designed rack case not only added a touch of sophistication but also facilitated neat cable management, keeping all components securely housed and out of reach from unauthorized tampering.

Three months following the initial installation, we conducted a comprehensive follow-up to assess system performance and address any lingering issues. With minor adjustments and troubleshooting, we ensured that the audio visual system continued to meet the venue's evolving needs, fostering a seamless experience for both staff and guests alike.

In conclusion, our collaboration with The Shack Revolution exemplifies the transformative impact of tailored audio visual solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, we not only addressed existing challenges but also provided a platform for seamless event execution and ongoing operational efficiency.


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